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Aromatic Heating Pillow for neck, back and other muscle pain relief (Microwavable)

Aromatic Heating Pillow for neck, back and other muscle pain relief (Microwavable)

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Pillow made out of grains and therapeutic lavender flowers in cotton cloth. Barley eases and soothes muscular pain by its long-lasting muscle relaxing warmth and weight while the lavender greets your senses with a calming scent.

Perfect for hot and cold therapy, this flexible soothing pillow can be used for the neck, lower back, abdomen, arms, and legs. Just microwave for 1-2 mins and use the warm pad for upto 45 mins. Instant pain relief for lumbar back pain, neck pain and knee pain.

Pro Tip: you can wrap it up in a waterproof bag and pop it in the freezer to make it a cold pack too


100% lab tested cotton, barley and lavender

How to use

Microwave for 1-2 minutes and the pillow is ready for use. The product comes with detailed instruction.


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We accept the faulty products within 7 days of being delivered.

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Aromatic Heat Pillow

⭐️ Eases and soothes muscular pain
⭐️Long-lasting muscle-relaxing warmth
⭐️Lavender greets your senses with a calming scent
⭐️ Reduces stress and anxiety
⭐️ Elevates mood
⭐️ Eco-friendly

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