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Mini Self-Care Hamper

Mini Self-Care Hamper

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This customised self care hamper contains one aromatic heat pillow, one cooling eye stonease and one customised ‘Thank you’ card.

Aromatic heat pillow helps to relieve any muscle pain, neck and back pain, and also can be used to relieve from period pain. This also helps in calming your nerves and elevating your mood after a stressful day.

Cooling eye stonease helps to relax your eyes after a full day staring at your laptop screens. This also helps for reducing puffiness, red eyes and dry eyes.

What’s the wait for? 

Gift this perfect self care hamper to your loved ones today!!

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About Us

BLISSVIVE is a dedicated eco-friendly self-care brand designed to help people unwind and relax after a day's work. The products are nspired by corporate employees' life challenges- long hours in front of the screen, incorrect posture, low productivity, difficulty in sleeping, stress and anxiety.
Products are designed and manufactured by Blissvive Ventures in India.