How do I heat the Aromatic Heat Pillow?

The Aromatic Heat Pillow can only be heated in a microwave. Place it in the microwave for the recommended time to achieve the desired warmth.

Can I wet the Aromatic Heat Pillow?

No, it's important not to wet the Aromatic Heat Pillow. If it accidentally gets wet, it should be dried as soon as possible by microwaving it on a low setting.

Can I wash the Aromatic Heat Pillow?

The Aromatic Heat Pillow cannot be washed. However, spot cleaning is possible using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Ensure it is completely dry before use.

What are the materials used in the Heat Pillow, Cooling Eye Stonease, and ZenZest Sachets?

All these products are made of natural ingredients, providing a soothing and gentle experience.

What is the delivery timeframe for orders?

Typically, delivery occurs within 3 days of placing the order. However, the maximum delivery time is 7 to 9 business days, depending on the destination and any unforeseen circumstances.

What is the return/refund policy for the products?

We accept returns or refunds for faulty products or incorrect orders within 7 days of delivery. Please ensure to contact our customer service team within this timeframe to initiate the return process and receive assistance with your concern.

How long does the warmth from the Aromatic Heat Pillow last?

The duration of warmth depends on factors such as the initial heating time and ambient temperature. Generally, it provides comforting warmth for a significant period, ideal for relaxation and relief.